*Why is business acumen so important?

Are your managers, technical specialists and sales professionals empowered to run their part of the business like BUSINESS PARTNERS?
Do they have the right business acumen?


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Problems making good decisions?

    • Choosing between price increase vs cost reduction (but still give a discount)
    • Not understanding the root causes of your overdue invoices from your clients – they keep piling, and you keep chasing
    • Dilemma on choosing between running overtime vs getting contract labour
    • Always tempted to buy more materials due to a price break, even if they are not needed right away
    • Technical and the finance teams not communicating? Marketing promising what production can’t deliver?
    • Technical specialists not mindful when to purchase fixed assets? Clueless about the right amount for R&D?
    • Staff undercharging clients for their expert services

Learn how to solve these!

Zodiak® – The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

Business Acumen Training for Managers, Technical Specialists and Sales Professionals

Zodiak® is a unique one-day classroom simulation that builds the business acumen of your organisation. It allows learners to experience running a business and the strategic decisions that lead to financial success. Through hands-on learning and group collaboration, participants explore developing strategy, financial concepts and, more importantly, how their actions contribute to the top and bottom lines and how to generate cash.

Zodiak® is owned by Paradigm Learning Inc, Florida, USA and has been recognised since 1995, by thousands of companies around the world, as the best in class tool for building business acumen in all staff. It has been run across many industries in Australia in the last 20 years.

The first step towards growing the financial acumen of your employees is to contact one of our certified Zodiak® facilitators to see how this simulation can best meet your objectives.

Ask about the government grant that your company may be eligible for.

Contact us to discuss.  You can also request for a FREE LIVE 30-minute demonstration and see if this is right for your business.